Join us on a genuine 7 day, photography led adventure in one of the most amazing landscapes on the planet.

This is not just a tour from one tourist spot to another.

This 4X4 adventure provides opportunities throughout the entire journey to stop and capture remote, isolated, scenery and create spectacular original images.

It doesn't end there though!

After a warm, campsite evening meal and with your personal tent and bed set, you can explore the fantastic remote locations, chosen specifically for their photographic opportunities.

At the end of the day you can relax, under cover, in a comfy chair or you can take advantage of the 24 hour daylight to explore for as long into the evening (and next morning) as you like.

We end the tour with a chance to visit some of the key sights of Reykjavik and take in an optional whale watching trip.


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This is not like any other Iceland Photography Tour


What makes this tour special is the fact that it is limited to just two guests.  You will join us in our expedition prepared 4×4 and together we will explore the roads, gravel tracks and mountain routes of Iceland.

We will visit many of the well known locations, but will aim to do so when the tourist buses have left for the day or not yet arrived.  More importantly we will visit many, lesser known and less photographed locations to help you get a different perspective and return home with something different to the masses.

Don’t think that this will just be a trip ‘between’ locations.  The countryside that we will be travelling through will throw up photo opportunities around every corner.  If you don’t spot them then I am there to help point them out.  Daily distances will be limited to allow for plenty of stops along the way.

If you spot something we will stop, if you miss it we will turn around and make sure you get it.  Try asking for that in a coach or a minibus full of 12 others!

How does it work?

The tour is arranged to coincide with the Easyjet arrivals from Gatwick, Luton & Manchester.  Easyjet are cheap and have generous cabin baggage allowances i.e. no weight limit.  Upon arrival we pick you up directly from the airport and, within the time normally taken to get a shuttle bus to Reykjavik, we will have you out with your camera capturing great images.

You will store your camera equipment and personal belongings in the specifically designed secure, yet easily accessible side locker on the vehicle.  Your camera and some limited kit can be kept in the cab with you for quick access when needed.

We will have a pre-planned route for each day. However, sometimes the rivers can be too high to cross safely and so we may have to change our itinerary.

Unless the weather makes life completely unbearable and unsafe we will continue on the trip. Iceland’s weather can change from minute to minute and mile by mile. Plus you can still get stunning images even in questionable weather (trust me, I know!).

I maintain a constant watch on the weather radar (in between driving of course!) and may vary our route to avoid obvious bad conditions.

Your own personal tent will be erected for you each night, along with your 3 ft bed. You will have your own spacious, warm sleeping bag, with liner and comfortable pillow.

We will cook our evening meals communally and you are welcome to join in with the camp setup and catering.  All food will be provided and prepared from local fresh produce. We will have to call into a shop during the trip to re-provision, but this will be planned in advance and will give you the opportunity to have an input into the weeks ‘menu’.  Due to the high cost of alcohol and the variations in everyone’s tastes, this is not included.  However there is some limited space if customers wish to purchase beer and spirits during the brief visit to the supermarket.  Tea, coffee tap water, and squash are available throughout the day.

Cover will be erected each evening and breakfast and evening meal will be prepared and eaten at our chosen campsite.  In really severe conditions we may ‘evacuate’ to a site where there is more cover from the weather.

Lunch will be prepared ‘on the trail’ at an appropriate rest stop. In some cases this may include a local cafe or restaurant. This is included.

We will aim to ‘Wild Camp’ at least once during the tour and enjoy real campfire cooking.

We aim to camp in specially chosen photogenic locations so that you can find interesting subject matter while dinner is prepared or while the camp is being set up or struck.

Due to the (almost) 24 hour daylight you may wish to keep looking for opportunities to use your camera right through into the morning.

Who is it aimed at?

  • The trip is primarily aimed at advanced amateur, professional or semi-professional photographers.  Because of this, and Ralph’s qualified status, there is a reduced cost for members of The Guild of Photographers.
  • Ralph will provide advice and guidance on making the best use of the location and, where some walking may be involved, what each sight offers to help with lens selection.
  • Although Ralph is an experienced landscape photographer, he would not claim to be an expert.   However, for those looking for guidance on composition and some ideas on what makes a good landscape, he is there to offer help.
  • The concept is to use the 4X4 capabilities of the vehicle and the fact that we can camp near to some key photogenic sights to put you in locations where they can take the time to make best use of your equipment.
  • You may be technically proficient in portraits, street, wedding or macro and want to expand your skills into landscapes and, after all, Iceland is THE place for landscapes.
  • You may already be a competent landscape photographer and you’re looking to ‘tick’ Iceland off your ‘bucket list’, but don’t want the same tourist shots others have.
  • You’ve already been to Iceland on a ‘Package tour’ but now want to see something different
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