So, are these tours going to happen?  After a prolonged advertising campaign, resulting in over 90 ‘interested’ people for only 10 seats, I still have only one expression of interest.  Because of this I have decided to have one last drive to fill all the seats by the end of February.

Messages have been sent to everyone who expressed an interest and a new Registration Page has been added to capture customers details.

I can do no more, if the seats aren’t filled by the end of this month then the whole venture will be cancelled. So if you are a potential customer, or know someone who is, and you want this to happen, you need to move quickly.

Will I try again next year?

Iceland will still be there, but the UK will possibly be out of the EEA meaning that I may not be able to work inIceland and offer the tours at all.  So, the short answer is; “We’ll see”.