After due consideration, I have decided to offer the same tours in 2019.  The dates are as follows:




Weekend One Sunday 30th June 2019 -Sunday 7th July 2019 2
Weekend Two Sunday 7th July 2019 -Sunday 14th July 2019 2
Midweek One Tuesday 16th July 2019 – Tuesday 23th July 2019 2
Weekend Three Sunday 28th July 2019 – Sunday 4th August 2019 2
Weekend Four Sunday 4th August 2019 – Sunday 11th August 2019 2

All tours are arranged to start at 11:00 (Iceland local time) and end at 08:30 (Iceland local time) as this roughly coincides with the Easyjet flights from Gatwick, Manchester and Luton.  These flights have been chosen for their generous hand luggage allowances.

As before I shall not be taking any deposits until I have formal expressions of interest for each space.  Once I have ten interested clients I will require a deposit to cover the cost of transporting the vehicle to Iceland.  This is the biggest overhead cost and increases significantly the longer you leave it to book.  It is a very busy ferry and spaces do fill up well in advance.  Paying the deposit early secures both the space and the price.

I had several comments this year stating that the trip was too expensive.  Although I appreciate that everyone’s opinion of ‘too expensive’ differs, I did feel that it was comparable and, in some cases, significantly cheaper to other photography tours.  Plus it was a different concept and offered significantly more ‘camera time’ than many others. These tours are limited to two guests and are a full 7-days with shooting opportunities starting within minutes of landing and stretching for virtually 24 hours each day.

Saying that I have managed to reduce the costs this year and bring the overall price, per customer, down to £1750 (inc. VAT).  With return flights, with Easyjet, coming in well under £200 this should help keep the overall cost more affordable.   There are also discounts if two people book together.

Please feel free to read through the site as I’ve tried to cover as much detail as possible.  If you’d like any more info or to register your interest (no commitment at this stage) then click here.