The outline itinerary

Although you can aimless wander around Iceland and find spectacular views it is always better to have a basic plan.

This itinerary has been researched, tested and put together to maximise your photographic experience of this stunning island.  It has been put together to include many of the well known iconic locations as well as including many more lesser known sites.  It includes, waterfallls, geysirs, glaciers, deserts, volcanic beaches, geothermal hot spots and seabirds.  It is designed to give you the most in a small time.  The routes between the points have been researched to provide outstanding views whilst driving.  

Although there is a planned destination each day, there is no timescale.  Our progress will be guided by the number of times you want to stop.  Trust me when I say, you will want to stop.  Lots!  

The weather may play a big part in how strictly we stick to this plan.  Storms, rain, strong winds all these can rear their heads at any time.  It doesn’t make sense to follow a strict programme if the weather is better elsewhere.  Because of this we may vary the route and change the order of things.  As we are restricted to two clients, the group is small enough to make decisions quickly as we go along.  However any change may have implications on what we can see later due to the packed nature of this tour.

All changes will be thorough;y discussed and agreed before the route is changed.  

Of course the weather isn’t the only reason we might want to change our plans.  What if both clients have seen a site before and want to visit something different, or spend more time in a single location.  Once again as long is this is discussed and agreed, taking into account the implications, then it can be accommodated.





Tour One Sunday 30th June 2019 -Sunday 7th July 2019 2
Tour Two Sunday 7th July 2019 -Sunday 14th July 2019 2
Tour Three (Midweek) Tuesday 16th July 2019 – Tuesday 23th July 2019 2
Tour Four Sunday 28th July 2019 – Sunday 4th August 2019 2
Tour Five Sunday 4th August 2019 – Sunday 11th August 2019 2
Special Tour
(Includes 2 Days on The Faroe Islands)

Sunday 11th August 2019 – Sunday 18th August 2019

Full details to be advised.  This involves a night on a ferry and additional flights.


All tours are arranged to start at 11:00 (Iceland local time) and end at 08:30 (Iceland local time) as this roughly coincides with the Easyjet flights from Gatwick, Manchester and Luton.  These flights have been chosen for their generous hand luggage allowances.

Day 1

Keflavik - Geysir
Estimated distance

142 miles


After picking you up at the airport we will hit the road and head towards the Reykjanes peninsular.

Within 45 minutes (the normal time for a bus to Reykjavik) you will be standing on a volcanic cliff edge photographing soaring sea birds and spectacular cliffs.

From here we will travel via the steam vents at Gunnuhver through some gentle but spectacular rolling roads and tracks towards our end point.

Stopping briefly at the Supermarket in Grindavik we will slowly make our way to our final campsite at the famous Geysir.  

En route we shall stop and see the the fabulous turquoise waters of Bruafoss water fall.  One of Iceland’s hidden gems.

At Geysir we will camp just a few hundred yards away from the famous water spout.  You will be able to walk over and spend as long as you like, helped by the 24 hour daylight to capture tourist free images of this iconic site.

Day 2

Geysir - Wild Camp F210
Estimated distance:

144 miles


Getting on the road early we would hope to arrive at the Golden Fall (Gullfoss) before most of the tourist busses.

From here we will travel South East visiting Faxafoss and possibly stopping for a coffee at Við Faxa cafe.

Sadly we will have to join the main highway for a short time, but this made up for by several stops at such stunning paces as Gjáin, Hjalparfoss and the awesome Hiafoss (Iceland’s 2nd highest waterfall).

Eventually we will leave the tarmac and head into the 4X4’s natural terrain.  Taking the F210 mountain road we will pass through volcanic desert areas, pass by moss covered streams, drive through valley carved by glaciers and enter one of the strangest, almost alien, landscapes you will ever see.

Eventually we will wild camp, by a crystal clear mountain stream as we watch the surrounding mountains change colour around us as the sun drops.

If we have gathered enough firewood we will light a fire and cook our evening meal on the braai.

Day 3

Wild Camp F210 - Skaftafell
Estimated distance:

136 miles


Day 3 starts with a degree of uncertainty.  The road ahead includes many river crossings.  If the flow is too much we may have to follow a different path to our intended destination.  Sometimes the glacial melt causes the rivers to run so deeply and so fast that it would be dangerous to attempt them.

However the alternative route will still take us through the stunning Icelandic highlands at Landmannalaugar and will be just as photogenic.  Even if it does take us a bit longer.

The main theme of this day is ‘ice’ as we head towards Vatnajökull, the largest glacier in Iceland and 2nd largest in Europe.

We will spend a fair proportion of the day following the main N1 highway east.  However don’t be discouraged as this will give you a chance to recharge you batteries (both camera and personal) and the views are still stunning.

Our end destination will be at the Skaftafell / Vatnajökull National Park campsite.  We aim to arrive here early enough so that you can enjoy the gentle hike to view The Svartifoss waterfall and Skaftafellsjökull glacier.  Both are stunning to see and will take around 2-3 hours on the trail.

Day 4

Skaftafell - Þakgil
Estimated distance:

137 miles


From our campsite it will be just a short hop to the famous Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon.  There are two distinct locations; the lagoon (from either side) and the beach where icebergs wash ashore and can produce some spectacular images using your macro lens or trying out long exposures.

Although we will aim to get there early, Jökulsárlón is very well known and can be very crowded with tourists.  Because of this we will also visit the lesser known Fjallsárlón lagoon where you may have a less obstructed view of the glacier and the icebergs.

This is our furthest point east and so from here we have to backtrack west towards our campsite.

And what a campsite it is!  After retracing our route, on the N1, we will follow a stunning track, over the mountains, to Þakgil.  Here we will camp surrounded by towering volcanic peaks.  If you wish you can climb up a view the glacier, take the short path to the waterfall or mix with the hikers and other adventurers in the dining cave.  This is one campsite you won’t forget.

Day 5

Þakgil - Þórsmörk
Estimated distance

94 miles


Today we drive the shortest route, but you will experience the widest variety of subjects.

Retracing the mountain path back to the N1 we will continue west.  Very soon though we will turn to the south and visit the black volcanic beach and basalt columns at Reynisfjara beach.  This is just the first port of call.  Before the day is out you will stand just feet away from puffins, walk behind a waterfall and witness one of the most iconic views Iceland has to offer.

We will also visit some lesser known areas to avoid the tourists.

We end the day camping at the stunning Þórsmörk, after many river crossings and passing the Gígjökull glacier and see first hand the impact of the Eyjafjallajökull eruption in 2011.

Day 6

Þórsmörk - Þingvellir
Estimated distance

91 miles


Today we will begin our return to civilisation and will have to cover a fair few miles on tarmac to reach our goals.  However we shall sneak in a few lesser known waterfalls on the way.

Passing through a variety of open countryside, skirting rivers and lakes we will arrive at the Þingvellir National Park.  With the opportunity to walk between the North American and the Eurasian tectonic plates and enjoy the stunning panorama of Iceland’s largest natural lake.  Although this is a tourist hotspot you will have the opportunity to have it virtually to yourself.

Why is that?  Because we end the day here with a choice of two campsites.  One next to the waters edge and the other close to the geological fault line.

We will view both and the choice will be left to the clients.

Both are just a 20-40 minute walk to the main viewing areas or you can choose to wander around the surrounding area for something missed by the masses.

with virtually 24 hour daylight you can spend as much time as you like wandering this wonderful National Park.

Day 7

Þingvellir - Grindavík
Estimated distance

96 miles


On your final full day you will get the chance to tests your sealife, architectural and street shooting skills in the capital city of Reykjavík.

We aim to drop you at Ægisgarður in the Old Harbour in time for you to join one of the Whale watching tours (optional).  We will provide you with a map and tips on many of the best locations to photograph, such as the magnificent Hallgrímskirkja.

Many are within 30-40 minutes walking distance from the harbour through the neighbourhood of the gods.

We will meet you later in the day and take the short drive to the campsite at Grindavík where you can prepare for your flight in the morning.

Day 8

Grindavík - Keflavík
Having spent the last evening at the well equipped campsite, at Grindavík, you can shower and change to get ready for the short (20 minute) drive to the airport.

We will drop you off in plenty of time to catch your return flight.

We would recommend that breakfast is taken at the airport (this is optional and not included).


The price is the same for each of our Iceland tours.

Special Tour, including 2 days on the Faroe Islands – price yet to be comfirmed.

Guild of Photgraphers Member £1740 (£1450 + VAT) per person

Non Guild Member £1860 (£1550 + VAT) per person


This price includes transport, food, non-alcoholic drinks, accommodation, catering, use of tripod and local image backup.  It also includes your driver, cook, tent erector, dogsbody, personal shopper and general chit chat i.e. me!

Price does not include travel insurance**, transport from home to and from Iceland and the optional whale watching tour.

The cost per person regardless of age.  We would love to offer a discount for children, but they still take up the same amount of space.  As such the cost is the same.

A 5% ‘couples’ discount is available when two parties book together.  This is to encourage a full vehicle.  The two parties do not need to be in a relationship of any kind (although it might help if they know each other!).

Guild Member discount will apply to non Guild Member when booked in conjunction and travelling with a Guild Member.

** Vehicle has fully comprehensive insurance for passengers through UK insurer. 



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