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On the recce trip, in 2016, two independent guests joined Ralph to ‘test’ the concept and route. They also provided valuable market research on what works and, just as importantly, what doesn’t. 

Although they were all members of the same Internet Photography Forum (The Pentax Forum), prior to the trip they had not met each other or Ralph. 

They didn’t have the luxury of all-inclusive or have their tents erected with a lovely comfortable beds. However they did visit some of the most outstanding locations in the south of Iceland, experienced remote locations, captured stunning images throughout each day and well into the ‘night’ and Wild Camped, by a mountain stream, miles from anywhere and watch the sun set over the mountains.

It was an interesting, and fun, few days.

Here are their thoughts: 


What a fantastic trip! Ralph is a brilliant guide, and took us to some really amazing places, through stunning scenery.   It’s great when the guy driving instinctively knows where to stop for photo’s, has such a good knowledge of the country, and is great fun to boot!

I have never been in scenery that has so many WOW moments!   It was a tiring trip, though I was always the last one up in the mornings!   Obviously Ralph wanted to cover as much as possible during the recce, so it was late nights (1am-ish) and early starts (up at 6 most mornings), so sleep was a rare luxury!   I am not complaining, it was great to see so much.

It is such a photogenic country that you can put any lens on most times and get a good picture. My 24-70mm lens packed up halfway through the trip, and after that most of my Sony pics were taken with either a 15mm or a 70-200mm zoom, and it was not an issue. Iceland is also IR heaven.

I would thoroughly recommend that any of you interested in going to Iceland sign up for a trip with Ralph, it was trip of a lifetime and I will never forget it.   Both Ralph and Derek were brilliant company, keeping their great senses of humour even when we were all completely shattered.

Obviously the lack of sleep won’t be such an issue (though to be honest it wasn’t an issue for any of us) on an organised trip, unless you choose to maximise time taking it all in.   Personally, I would rather spend as much time awake in such a magnificent place as possible. You can always sleep when you get home!

Thanks again Ralph for such a great opportunity, and for being such a great guide and travelling companion.  Thanks to to Derek for being such great company, it was a real bonus that you came too.

Airline Pilot & Semi-Professional Photographer

What can I say about the journey.

First off, Ralph, what a great guy, and a super tour guide.   Very knowledgeable about Iceland and it’s history and culture. That he knows of some hidden gems (honestly) was just fantastic, as there were some stunning locations that we had all to ourselves.   His attention to detail was second to none and I couldn’t imagine taking the trip without him.

Iceland, wow. No joking, wow.   Around nearly every corner there was a different stunningly beautiful landscape.

It almost seems unfair that one country could be so beautiful in so many different ways.   With a mix of lush greens and almost barren lunar type vistas it truly is on a whole different level of wow from anything else I’ve ever seen.

At the start of the thread I called it a journey, the reason for that is simple, there is just so much to see and shoot that it isn’t a case of just driving from one spot to the next, the destinations were many and varied, and were interspersed with many other stunning stops and as such the journey was every bit as fabulous as the main attractions.

I can honestly say that I would return in a heartbeat with Ralph as guide and host.  The level of detail and planning that he is putting into his venture is sure to make it a huge success and rightly so.

So thanks again for a wonderful trip, it truly was for me the trip of a lifetime.  I can’t recommend this, enough, it is truly that amazing.

Cheers Ralph, cheers Jon.

Firefighter and advanced Amateur Photographer

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