Your Accommodation

Comfort is important.  Normally being in an isolated remote location surrounded by stunning scenery and having a comfortable bed are mutually exclusive.

We want you to concentrate on your photography and not have to worry about pitching tents or struggling to sleep on the ground.

There is a saying in Iceland: “If you don’t like the weather, then just wait 5 minutes and it will change!”.  When it does you need to know that there will be shelter and warmth.

On top of this, if you’re staying up late to capture the light fading on a mountain top, you need energy.  Energy equates to food.  Once again remote locations and camping normally mean tinned, or packet, food heated over a small gas burner, but not for you!

We have planned and considered these issues and believe we have selected the right products and setup to keep you warm, dry, fed, watered and well rested throughout the tour.

As well as choosing the right kit for you we will erect and strike the camp each day and prepare your meals for you. 

All you have to do is ‘focus’ on getting good images.


The Camp


Iceland weather can be very unpredictable.  Rain and wind are our main ‘enemies’.  Because of this the Ranger is equipped with a full 270 degree waterproof awning.

This can be erected in a few minutes and provides approximately 10 sq m of cover.

To enhance this individual fully waterproof and windproof ‘walls’ can be secured in place to provide a weather sealed environment if really needed.


Each client has their own camp chair so that they can relax and so that they can comfortable sit at the table and eat.


The Ranger is equipped with a 2Kw 240v AC inverter as well as numerous USB and 12v power outlets.  Charging of camera batteries or using your laptop will not be a problem.

Washing and Toilet

The Ranger is equipped with a 30 litre freshwater tank which feeds a tap located in the side canopy.  There is also a full height ‘privacy tent’ where clients can wash and even shower every day.  However, the route is planned so that campsite showers can be utilised every other day.  Campsites will also have proper toilet facilities and we can stop during the day at various locations if the need arises.

For wildcamping we carry a chemical toilet so that we minimise our impact on the environment.


Iceland has invested heavily over the last few years in extending the range of its cellular network.  Although we may camp miles from anywhere you will find that there will almost always be 3g and most  of the time 4g network access.

Your space


Each client will have their own 3 person, quick erect, double skinned tent.  These will be erected for you each evening and packed away the following morning.  However you are welcome to assist as this will help speed up our departures each day

These will be a newer version of those in the images as they have been updated with a new ‘blackout’ interior and better insulation abilities.

3 person tents have been chosen to provide you with plenty of space for storing your kit and getting changed.


Each client will have their own 3 ft ‘flock’ inflatable bed.  These will be prepared for you each evening after dinner.  The inflatable design has been chosen to maximise comfort whilst minimising setup time, weight and pack size.

Sleeping bag

Each client will have their own Vango Aurora Grande 3 season sleeping bag.  These have been chosen for their spacious size and warmth rating.  You will also have your own micro-down pillow. 

For hygiene reasons you will be issued with your own sleeping bag liner and pillow case.  these will be new or freshly laundered before each tour.

Luggage and equipment

As you will appreciate, space is at a premium.  This means you will be limited on how much equipment and luggage you can bring.    Your equipment and luggage will be stored/carried in a secure compartment in the rear of the Ranger (accessed via a side hatch).  This space is limited to provide each client with the equivalent space for two airline carry on bags.

By providing the tent, bed, chair and sleeping bag we have reduced the need for you carry much with you.  All you will require is your camera equipment, sufficient clothing for 7 days and your washing kit.

The Catering

All meals are included within the tour cost.  On the first day we will let you know what the outline ‘meal plan’ will be for each day.  However you will have an opportunity to make suggestions and input into the menu when we visit the local supermarket to re-provision.  
If you fancy your hand at campsite cooking you will be welcome to assist during the trip.


Cereals, yoghurts and toast will be the norm most days.  However, we will aim to cook a full breakfast at least once during the trip.  This is limited as it takes time and getting on the road quickly can make all the difference to beating the tourists to some locations.


Lunch will be taken at a convenient time ‘on the trail’.  This will consist of a sandwich, some snacks and fruit.  If the schedule allows, in some instances, we may stop at a local bistro and have a meal during the day.  This will be included in the tour cost.

Evening meals

The evening meal will be the main cooked food for the day.  The Ranger is equipped with a fridge and small freezer.  So, once we have arrived at our chosen camp spot Belinda will prepare and cook that nights meal.  These meals will be prepared from local produce and will include rice, pasta, noodle and potato based meals.  Sadly chips and pizza are difficult to achieve, however there will be plenty of opportunity for BBQ meats with salad. 

When wildcamping we hope to cook our meal over an open fire.


Tea, coffee tap water, and squash are available throughout the day.

Due to space limitations, the high cost of alcohol and the variations in everyone’s tastes, this is not included.  However there is some limited space if customers wish to purchase beer and spirits during the brief visit to the supermarket.  Of course you are welcome to bring spirits with you from home.

We recognise the fact that people have different tastes and, in some case suffer with food intolerances or have made specific food lifestyle choices.  Because of this you will be requested to complete a booking form identifying any specific requirement/limitations you may have.

Supermarkets in Iceland are very well stocked with most major brands and ranges.  As such if there are any special requests these may be able to be catered for during our stop at the supermarket.